We will prepare your child/children for a successful educational career at Kisubi High School. Please assist us by ensuring that they arrive at the beginning of the term with the following materials:

For All Students

– Medical examination form
– Fully paid bank slip
– 3 photocopies of results slip from previous school
– 3 passport photos

School Requirements (new students)
S.1 1 Ream of Photocopier papers (A4)
S.2 1 Ream of Photocopier papers (A4)
S.3 1 Ream of Photocopier papers (A4)
S.4 1 Ream of Photocopier papers (A4)

S.5 and S6 Arts 1 Ream of ruled papers (A4)
S5 Science 1 ream of graph papers (A4)

All new students 5 toilet papers.

All new boys: 1 mopping rug and 1 rubber drier.

All new girls: 1 peeling knife and 1 scrubbing brush.


Personal requirements (all students)

• 2 dozen counter books and 2 graph books and 1 box file
• 10 pens and 10 pencils
• A calculator
• At least 5 rolls of toilet paper (continuing students)
• Girls: enough sanitary towels for girls to last the term and an HCG strip, Boys: shaver
• A basin/ bucket, a 20 litre jerry can, a towel and enough tooth paste and soap to last the term
• 2 pairs of sturdy and well-maintained black leather (or similar) school shoes, with extra laces if required, black shoe polish and brush, a pair of open toed shoes (at least one pair), a pair of canvas shoes and 4 pairs of white stockings (girls) or 4 pairs of navy blue socks (boys)
• A plain, black belt
• A sewing kit, black shoe polish and brush, 1 cup and 1 melamine plate
• Night dress, bed sheets, a blanket, a mattress and a mosquito treated net.
• A Bible for Christians and a Quran for Muslims

Class requirements (all students)

Fine art:
• S1/S2: coloured pencils and a drawing book.
• S3/S5: a drawing book, 5HB pencils, 5 soft sisal art brushes (AB3112), 2m cotton white cloth, water colours, pastels and any two dye colours.

• S3/4/5/6: 2 rewritable CDs.

• S3/S4: all students must have a practical workbook for chemistry, biology and physics. Each book costs 15,000.
• S5/S6 science students are expected to have practical work books for each science subject they are taking. Each book costs 20,000.
These will help in accelerating the syllabus coverage and also for the student to have a clear record of the work done.

PSHE: Every student must bring a PSHE notebook.

Core subjects: S1 students are expected to bring textbooks for English and Maths (see admissions pack for more details).

NB. All students must report with school requirements and hand them over to the form tutors at the beginning of Term one. In case a student turns up on reporting day without the above school requirements or opts to pay cash, they will be required to pay 40,000/= at the bursar’s office before clearing with the form tutor.

Banned Items

We require that a number of items are not brought into Kisubi High School. The school will not take responsibility for any items that are lost, damaged or stolen. We appreciate your cooperation.

– Any item of jewellery
– Clothing such as caps, hats, miniskirts, tights, open blouses , hoodies
– Clothing with logos
– Private lamps or candles
– Narcotics, alcohol or cigarettes
– Foods from outside of the Kisubi High School boundary
– Radios, kettles, twinkling lights

Mobile Phones
We will only allow students to register phones with consent from the parents. Where a parent allows, mobile phones will only be issued to the student at set time over the weekend. It is perfectly acceptable for a parent/guardian not to allow their child to bring a mobile phone to school. Any student who will be found with a phone that is not registered will be disciplined and any repeated cases will be severely dealt with.