All figures in Ugandan Shillings

Tuition fees

Per term

Admission 55,000
Boarding S1-S3 883,000
Boarding S4-S6 903,000

All fees must be paid directly into our bank at Diamond Trust Bank Limited (Account 0102744004 ) not less than a week before the term starts.

All students must arrive no later than the first day of term with the paid bank slip.

All students who are returning to school must have paid all the outstanding dues and at least 50% of Term One fees by the reporting date, and 100% within one month. All school dues must be banked and a bank slip including the bank charges must be given to the bursar. No cash will be accepted at school. No parent/guardian should send any teacher or other member of staff money for fees as this compromises the teacher involved.

All school fees are non-refundable. This includes students who are expelled for disciplinary issues and students that are withdrawn.

Parents who wish to transfer a student must give a term’s notice before the child is withdrawn. If a parent fails to give a full term’s notice the full term’s fees must still be paid.

Class Uniforms

O Level – S1, S2, S3 and S4
Regular Size Girls 140,000 Boys 145,000
Extra Large Size Girls 150,000 Boys 155,000

A Level – S5 and S6
Regular Size Girls 170,000 Boys 175,000
Extra Large Size Girls 180,000 Boys 185,000

After Class Uniforms

Students must bring no more than three sets of after class/day-wear. All items of clothing must be labelled. hoodies, revealing or tight clothes, slogans or garish images and designs or torn/ripped jeans are NOT allowed. Any day-wear deemed to be inappropriate will be confiscated until the end of term and handed over to a parent/guardian. Parents can, if they wish, choose to send their student with three sets of after class/ day-wear of the same colour and design e.g. three tops of the same colour and three black trousers or skirts. Parents must check all after class/ day-wear items and approve them before bringing the student for admission.

Medical Insurance

All students should have their own medical schemes. You will be provided with a medical insurance form to be taken to the medical institution of your choice. Please include this information when you register your child / children.

Please note that the school’s selection code is 3462